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Welcome To our Company

Tips n Triks is the new name of Hindustan Electronics Laboratories which was established in 1985. This research oriented establishment stands for eliminating the present day inconveniences faced by the students of electronics in their practical field.

There is no doubt, as an emerging power our country needs uptodate technology. Still our young talented students belong to hundreds of engineering institutions are lacking many things. Existing facility available for our students are limited, and they are forced to skip away from their project building work and seek the help of professionals available outside their institutions. By doing so our students loose their inevitable work experience they are supposed to achieve while doing the project work.

One of our main aims is to make the fabrication work of Printed circuit board more easier than before. Our presensitized copper clad is the best example.Our dry transferable drafting aids enable students to make professional grade art work without much effort.

Our universal project boxes of various sizes also help the students up to very extent. Our UV light box meant for exposing the presensitized copper clad will be available in the market very soon. We provide all project related high quality chemicals with proper guidance.